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Throughout the years, industries have expanded to supply the increasing demand of our growing population.


Every industry’s development has risen the necessity of

For over 45 years, our mission has been to offer 24/7 rental services for immediate top-quality air conditioning, cooling, heating systems, and power generators. Our knowledge and expertise make us one of the leading companies to offer such services across the country. Our commitment is to deliver a fast and best customer service in the industry.

Loue Froid is an expert in delivering and servicing power generation and temperature control equipment. We cover everything from maintaining the temperature in server rooms to purifying the air at mining facilities, building ice rinks, deploying power generators or air conditioning facilities at Formula 1 events. We offer simple and efficient solutions to individual customers seeking optimum comfort as well as business clients with highly sophisticated technical needs.



Improve and maintain your production line, reduce environmental risks, reduce operating costs, reach your customers’ objectives by using our contingency planning methods.

Our Partners

Every year, hundreds of organizations call on LOUE FROID to ensure the success of their events.