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Canadian Climate Control Expert


  • From 4lb/hr to 150 lb/hr
loue froid

A humidifier is a piece of equipment that increases moisture in a building, generally used in hot, dry, or indoors (when artificially heated). When humidity drops, usually in winter, it may cause several health-related issues such as respiratory illness. This is why humidifiers are commonly used everywhere.

Loue Froid’s humidifier rentals are essential for industrial, institutional and commercial use. Our equipment controls and stabilizes humidity levels in large facilities, warehouses, and specialized rooms such as healthcare information technologies, food, and more. Our variable-control electronic humidifiers offer optimal performances.

Call us and speak to one of our experts for more information and benefit from our 24/7 service and support on our rental services.

What are the benefits of installing a humidifier?

Humidifiers decrease dryness and moisture evaporation from the skin while improving respiratory issues that might occur due to the dry air. Here is how they can help you:

  • Humidification reduces dust.
  • Humidification minimizes damage to the furniture and other wooden objects: Dry environments increase the chances of getting cracks in wooden objects.
  • Humidification can help with the conservation of artifacts in museums: Generally, these objects are kept in climates with a humidity rate that ranges between 45% and 60%.
  • Humidification helps with the elimination of static electricity in the air: In small quantities, static electricity can be annoying, such as when you get static hair or a small shock when touching an electrically charged object. In large amounts, static electricity could be detrimental to electronic equipment.

Complete package

  • Assessment of your humidifier needs
  • Same-day professional installation
  • Units guaranteed for the duration of your contract
  • Service available 24/7

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