Loue Froid is equipped with very high-capacity, high-efficiency air heating unit rentals that can be used in any commercial, industrial, institutional, and event establishments.

Our heater solutions are available with direct-fire, indirect-fire or electric with no spark, and no flame. We offer several performance and safety options in addition to providing you with 24/7 service from our heating rental experts.

High-capacity air heaters are required in several industries for the purpose of heating, drying, calcining, and melting and in some cases for chemical processing operations. Industrial air heaters are classified into two categories: Direct-fired and Indirect-fired.

Direct-fired air heaters acquire the necessary heat through direct contact of the air combustion with a downstream process. This makes this type of heating available only for exterior use or a well-aired environment.

Indirect-fired air heaters are used when the air heater products of combustion can’t contaminate the downstream process and thus needs to heat a process air stream indirectly. The heating process, in this case, is achieved by adding gas to the industrial heat exchanger. The industrial heat exchanger transfers the available heat contained in the air heater hot products of combustion to a process air stream while keeping the process air apart from the air heater products of combustion.

What are the benefits of using air heating?

  • Air heating systems are very cost-effective as the operational and rental cost of the machinery is much more affordable as compared to other automatic heating systems.
  • Air Heating systems tend to heat up very fast. The high speed of constant air movement inside a heated room provides quick and homogenous heating of the entire space.

At Loue Froid we offer more than just the heating equipment. If you have a specific problem that requires heating, give us a call, and will customize a perfect solution for you.


  • Construction sectors
  • Industrial sectors
  • Institutional sectors
  • Auxiliary or emergency heating
  • Temporary or long-term rentals
  • Mobile heating units

Complete package:

  • Assessment of your heating and process needs
  • Same-day professional installation
  • Units guaranteed for the duration of the contract
  • Multiple units
  • 24/7 Service and Support

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