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Loue Froid is your power specialist


  • Mobile
  • Gas or diesel
  • 1 kW to 2 MW
  • Fully scalable with paralleling capabilities
  • Sound attenuated
  • Available for short, medium and long term rental
  • Planned, emergency situations or back-up supply
  • Can be integrated with your existing systems
  • Any voltages and amperage needs

Whether you’re facing a power outage, an emergency, a planned project, or simply need the extra power, Loue Froid is your power specialist. We provide reliable and efficient power generation services. We’re proud to offer fast and efficient turnkey power solutions at a competitive rate for your daily use or emergency power-generation challenges.

Our generator fleet is ready for fast delivery regardless of the extent of the outage, project, or power demand and all our specialized power equipment comes with a 24/7 service agreement.

Call us and talk to one of our sales representatives to learn more.

What are the benefits of having a partner with unlimited generators or power equipment supplies?

Having a power generator supplier can accommodate you in a difficult situation such as a:

  • Blackout,
  • Plant power disruption,
  • Or just for a source of temporary power for your event.

Having a reliable supplier is always key, to provide you fast access to energy, anywhere, and at any time. We pride ourselves in delivering a solution and Power Equipment. Our state of the art sound attenuated generators meet today’s needs for quiet events or quiet site operations.

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