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Emergency responses

Loue Froid offers its temporary rental equipment services for any urgent necessity in heating, air conditioning, air filtration, ventilation and power distribution for temporary spaces. We can make a difference in any difficult situation, whether it is for temporary screening clinics or any other related needs.

Loue Froid can offer solutions for temporary tents, and self-supported structures. We offer top of the line equipment with great performance.
Our vast cooler inventory, unparalleled in Canada, allows us to put air conditioning systems for your temporary spaces at your disposal. With capacities ranging from 1 to 550 tons, our coolers have the ability to cool no matter the size of your space.

We also have a list of ventilation systems with air filtration that can be paired with HEPA (high efficiency) filters capable of filtering 99.97% of particles in the air. Moreover, we have ensured to have our equipment ready for deployment as this is a necessary equipment for patient’s health.


Guiding and accompanying you step by step, our professional team will ensure that your installation is finished and flawless in no time. We offer a turnkey solution service which will help to maximize your time, and reduce downtime.

We propose a list of equipment that will help you build your temporary facility in no time:

We offer a 24/7 emergency service. Our presence on your site will allow you to devote yourself entirely to your professional activities while we will ensure the operation your temporary systems, such as heating, air conditioning systems, ventilation and power distribution.

As a Loue Froid client, you can count on our dedicated staff at every stage of the process. That this may either be for:

We leave the site when we have responded to each of your needs and that you are satisfied. Loue Froid agrees to perform the work in a short time in order to give you the opportunity to immediately run your operations. The scale of our business and the volume of our equipment inventory, will convince you that there are no limits of the magnitude of projects we can complete. Nevertheless, the health and the safety are the priority for all our team members. We will conform to the environmental regulations as well as that of our government. We are convinced that our professionalism and our expertise can be put to good use in order to find ingenious solutions to your projects. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any needs in temporary air conditioning and power distribution.