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Canadian Climate Control Expert


  • 5 to 100-ton capacity
  • Can be combined in parallel for higher capacities
  • 208V 1-phase 208V 3-phase or 600V 3-phase
Loue Froid

Our large scale air conditioners range from 5 to 100-ton capacity. These units provide the quickest and easiest cost-effective source of temporary cold air in the business. They are an effective solution for any emergency situation as well as for everyday operations for industrial, commercial, and institutional applications as well as all indoor and outdoor events.

Our packaged air conditioners come equipped with large electrical heaters ranging from 5 Kw to 150 Kw and can provide heating as well as cooling for all your temperature needs. And to make things easier these units are available in several different voltages either 208V 1-phase 208V 3-phase or 600V 3-phase. Electrical current an issue? No problem! Loue Froid carries a complete line of generators and transformers ranging from 7 KVa to 1000 KVa to provide you all the power you need.

What are the benefits of packaged air conditioners?

  • Fast, cost-effective cooling and heating
  • Totally mobile
  • Can be installed almost anywhere
  • Can be moved rapidly
  • Can be hauled with a standard pick-up truck
  • Trailer-mounted units, no need for crane handling
  • Can be connected to existing duct-work via flexible hoses
  • Units connect with quick connect flexible hoses
  • Units connect with quick connect cam-lock electrical wiring
  • We can cool your tent, movie set or provide temporary cooling power when your equipment breaks down or if you need a cooling push during a heatwave

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