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Boilers/Water Heaters

Canadian Climate Control Expert


  • Maximum service temperature: 90°C
  • Electric, oil, gas or propane
  • Endless capacity when matched with multiple units
loue froid

A boiler is a type of heat exchange system where a fluid (water, glycol) is heated via the combustion of a fuel blown through a submerged tube. The heat produced is then ejected into a heat exchanger. The equipment can either be hot water coils in air handling units or other water heating equipment.

Loue Froid’s portable and high-efficiency boilers are always ready for delivery. Our professional team is prepared to put a heating network system in place and provide hot water for any industrial process needed. Our boiler units can be combined to increase to a desired capacity and can run on fuel, electricity, propane, or natural gas. We also offer a complete range of accessories including circulating pumps, piping, buffer tanks, electric cables and other related equipment to speed up or facilitate installation.

Which industries use industrial boilers?

The type of boiler you might need for your business is dependent on the industry. Often times, consulting with other businesses in your industry is the way to find the appropriate boiler. Boilers can be found in all these industries: Healthcare, Universities, Breweries, Food Industry, Laundry, and Textiles. Boilers can be paired with various pieces of equipment to provide hot liquid to your system. Paired with heat exchanger, air handler, or tap in your existing facility our boilers will deliver heat for all your needs.

Complete Package

  • Assessment of your heating and process needs
  • Same-day professional installation
  • Units guaranteed for the duration of the contract
  • Multiple units
  • Service available 24/7

Related Equipment

  • Natural gas/propane, electrical or fuel
  • Circulation pump
  • Auxiliary Double-wall fuel oil tanks
  • Flexible cables and adaptor connectors
  • Water heat exchangers
  • Air handler