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Canadian Climate Control Expert


  • 20 and 40 in length
  • -30°C to 10°C
loue froid

Loue Froid’s refrigerated containers can be delivered and installed anywhere and anytime you need them. Our containers can be used to store a wide variety of temperature-sensitive items. Used primarily in the shipping industry, containers are reliable indestructible and theft-resistant units. Used for storing large and heavy materials, containers can be loaded with almost anything with the use of a forklift. Paired with a container trailer these units can be positioned at dock level. These units come in two sizes: 20 and 40 in length. Our professional team can assess your container needs and offer you a custom solution. Whether it is for an outdoor event, a high season peak in production, we can provide the cold storage you need.


  • Can be loaded with a forklift
  • Can be at dock level
  • Can be ground level

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