Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are used primarily to switch the power source from the grid to an alternate source of power such as a generator when the primary source (or electric network source) fails. These units are totally self-contained and will automatically restore the power connection to the appropriate source in case of failure. Pair it with a generator set and you have the perfect backup system for your business or event. ATS’s come in a variety of sizes from 40 Amps to 2000 Amps and NEMA 3 certified so they are built to withstand the harsh outdoor environments.


  • Fully automatic
  • Outdoor certified
  • Simple installation
  • Cost-effective rental
  • Ideal backup plan
  • Increased Reliability when running a business that needs to remain up and running when faced with power-failure.
  • Increased safety is another significant segment to maintaining a successful business. ATS’ remove the hazardous manual contact with a power source.

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