Loue Froid’s desiccants have a high airflow of up to 5000 CFM. Our dehumidification systems remove moisture from the air by using a desiccant; a material that easily attracts and holds water vapor. Desiccant dehumidifiers have become a significant device for some rebuilding contractual workers. While most of the dehumidifiers in an organization’s equipment are frequently LGRs, desiccants offer some unique features that make them exceptional for drying circumstances. The essential qualification among desiccants and refrigerant-based dehumidifiers is by the way they expel the water and the uncommonly dry air desiccants can create.

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Benefits of using a desiccant:

  • They are typically used in transport, storage, or maintenance of materials and products.
  • Their purpose is to preserve the product, and they do so by absorbing moisture and odor.
  • The desiccants absorb and hold particles of water in order to prevent bacteria growth.
  • They are non-toxic, strong, durable, and easy to use. Desiccants also protect against product failure from corrosion.

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